Vajrayana meets contemporary culture

A building site surrounded by classical and modern architecture
Contemporary Vajrayana is a construction zone

This section is a collection of pages about Vajrayana adapting to contemporary culture, a process that started recently, in the late 20th century and is still in progress. The Evolving Ground community is contributing to that process.

The tradition adapted quite differently in multiple Asian societies and will develop, I am sure, some unique characteristics in Western and post-industrial socieites. The characteristics it developed in medieval Tibet, and which it has mostly retained, are colliding with post-modern cultures and with the influence of Western civilization. It remains to be seen what of it will survive, adapt or transform and what we will discard as no longer relevant. It is a construction zone and we cannot yet see which structures will remain, which we will erase, what we will build in the new clearings.

This website content is also constructive and I will periodically update this section as new shapes, projects and themes emerge.There is no grand narrative but coherence remains important. Some of the pages here are the earliest pages I wrote for Vajrayana Now, when it was an experimental blog, ten years ago. My style has developed since then and I would write them differently now. I have kept the many insightful comments from readers that helped me develop my view and approach.