Buddhist Geeks

I met with my spouse David Chapman, my Evolving Ground co-founder Jared Janes, and Buddhist Geeks founder Vince Fakhoury Horn to discuss the changing times for Vajrayana. We talked for a couple of hours and covered a wide range of mutual interests.

The first hour of our conversation is Buddhist Geeks podcast December 20 2021 “Evolving Ground”:

In this episode we talk about the first year of the community, how we came to define emerging roles, and the importance of establishing healthy inter-relational norms. David and I talk about the delights of teaching together and we all discuss the evolution of Vajrayana.

Buddhist Geeks and Evolving Ground both approach spiritual paths, dharma, and view, from a metasystematic perspective. We discuss how a context-driven, individually-oriented navigation of practice methodology affects language and worldview.

Towards the end of this session we get on to warriorship and martial arts, one of my favorite topics.

In the second part of the conversation we hone in on MetaSangha, discussing emerging responses to Vajrayana’s potential failure modes in contemporary practice and the overlaps and similarities between the Evolving Ground Community and Buddhist Geeks.

I hope you enjoy our conversations as much as I did.