Deconstructing Yourself


Vajrayana, engineering and jiu jitsu is a conversation at the Deconstructing Yourself podcast, with Michael Taft. We discuss how Vajrayana styles of meditation differ from more commonplace methods of mindfulness and concentration. We use my commentary and series of journal posts on Culadasa’s The Mind Illuminated to explore two contrasting systems. The podcast functions as an introduction to Vajrayana practice for curious meditators. We also discuss different approaches to understanding the Vajrayana mindset: adapting the principles and function of systems, like an engineer, or finding the space in physical combat, like a martial artist. If you prefer reading to listening, there is a full transcript of our conversation here.



In Deconstructing Yourself: Evolving Ground, Jared Janes and I discuss our community of contemporary Vajrayana practice Evolving Ground. Topics include: the failure of Tibetan Buddhism to adapt to Western culture, the importance of different worldviews in practice and an alternate language for meditators. You can read a transcript of our conversation with Michael Taft here.