Natural Dzogchen Course testimonies

Here is some feedback that I received from participants in the Natural Dzogchen short day course in 2023:

“Great mix between exposition and Q&A!”

“Excellent concise descriptions and wording about a usually nebulous topic.”

“The clarity of your description of the experience itself and the practice instructions were very evocative.”

“I really appreciated how you were sharing and felt this stuff. It opened and reinforced what I am already working with experientially. Lots of permission to explore in a non rigid way.”

“Charlie was awesome, as always. I really liked the experimental feel of the course, like “should we try this or this? what does everyone think?” Practice is always very experimental for me so I enjoyed this approach for the course. Very informative, very detailed, lots of good and fun discussions.”

“The exercises helped to make things tangible and the breakouts helped with reflecting and putting experiences into words.”

“I liked the activities that involved vision, the gazing practices, and the follow up discussion. The breakout rooms worked well.”

“The guided pieces were surprisingly effective, they helped to clarify elements of the practice to me that weren’t clear before.”

“I loved the periods where Charlie spoke about the historical influence and cultural history of how the tradition developed. I also appreciated the descriptions of base/ground, path, fruit.”

“It’s very helpful to see and hear other peoples experience, this is something I don’t get in 1 on 1s or in my practice.”

“I like the balance of history, information about the tradition, and practical orientation. The videos worked well for me and were great at illustrating what was being talked about.”

“The course was a great mix of hearing the experience of practitioners and doing practice together, along with the explanatory framework and defining all the terms provided.”

“The combination of being semi-structured while being open to questions and discussion was very alive and informative simultaneously.”

“I liked the wide scope, so that I could identify lines of inquiry to follow-up on. I really enjoyed the break-out rooms as well as the spontaneous sharings, questions and answers occurring in the main room. Loved the videos and book recommendations.”

“Overall, this was a lovely experience and I appreciate Charlie’s clear and thoughtful explanations for such an intricate and nuanced topic.”

“Thank you for your time, effort, and attention for creating the course! It was a great jumping off point to learn more about Vajrayana Now and your other works.”

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