Personal Coaching

You’re passionate about meditation and you want results. Emotions are important for you: spacious involvement in life’s complexity appeals more than spending your life in a cave.1 You’d like to embrace the full spectrum of your embodied experience, with spacious presence, passion, and ease. You care more about finding new ways of being than in realizing “no-self.” You want meditation to enhance your relationships, not distance you from others.

Vajrayana practice should increase your sense of aliveness, your passionate enjoyment of life. It can also prepare you to handle difficult conversations with confidence, clarity, and kindness. It is deeply transformative, leading to tangible outcomes in your world. It results in fullness of being: creative, playful, powerful impact at home, in work, and on society. This kind of change takes time and commitment: it takes a willingness to explore different perspectives, to experiment with unfamiliar ways of being.


“Fit” matters when looking for a Vajrayana meditation and life coach, because the learning process is highly personalized. Personality and relationship are important here; they are aspects of the path. Style and approach differ from one coach to another. With me, you learn through playful exploration and occasional challenges.

You care more about how methods work in your practice than in their traditional metaphysical frameworks. In our coaching sessions, we will approach all methods in terms of their intended effects—that is, what they were designed to do, how they’re supposed to work, and what happens when you engage with them. You will explore the details of your meditation practice, and fine-tune according to results. We will also look at how your life and meditation affect each other. What do you want to change? What are the patterns of interaction that limit your freedom, self-expression, and presence? How might meditating with your emotions transform your day-to-day experience?

It’s likely that you prefer to take a metasystematic approach towards your practice. That means you don’t expect a prescribed system, and that you want help to discover what teachings and practices are appropriate for your circumstances. Usually, our practice discussions are exploratory. You like questions. You want to inquire into your experience in detail or to experiment with different language and frameworks.


Vajrayana trains powerful, kind, responsible leaders; people who are inspiring and inspired to do cool stuff in the world. If that moves you, ask me for a conversation. Tell me about your meditation experience and why you want coaching.

Before you become a client, we’ll have a conversation to discuss whether we’re a good fit for each other. That gives you the opportunity to reflect, and usually gives us a lot to explore. When we meet, I’ll ask you to talk about your practice so I get a sense of how it fits in your life, and what’s working or not for you. I might ask you to go into more detail on something you say, or we might take a deep dive on an aspect of your practice that seems important.

If you choose to consult with me, I will help you establish a life-affirming Vajrayana practice. I’ve coached many clients to transition from a Sutric style of meditation—from concentrated focus with a worldview that advocates detachment towards opening awareness. This is not always easy, however, it is likely to be transformative. It may alter your way of being in ways you never imagined.

I always reply to coaching requests within two days… so if you don’t hear from me, something’s gone wrong! Check your spam box for my email and get back to me if there’s a problem.

I can also help with a book study curriculum and retreat planning.

I meet with some clients regularly; weekly or fortnightly. Others like to check in every now and then, on an ad hoc basis. Some arrange daily sessions, when they are on retreat, for example.

I charge $170 per hour for an individual coaching session and $250 per hour for a group of two or three.

  1. 1.Although, caves are full of cool stuff, and you’d probably enjoy that too.