The Mind Illuminated, a journal: Day 4


These are reflective notes on my experience of practicing Culadasa’s 10 stage meditation system. The notes in this post are from my fourth day of practice in the system. For an introduction to this project, see this page. Occasionally I will post-edit the journal. Any post editing is [in square brackets like this].

Day 4

1 hr sit:

I’ve decided not to read beyond stage 6 in the overview until I’ve dialled in the practice a bit more. I don’t want to pre-empt my experience. I’m skipping the framework chapters for now, as I think I already understand what that is. I’ll come back to it in my writing after practicing the system, once I can experientially relate the practice as distinct from the framing (or not). I’m going to read through the stage chapters up to the end of stage 6, then come back to the overview.

1 hr sit:

During the daytime, outside of meditation practice:

I was mildly irritated all day.  I’m experiencing a pleasant, mild, physical response in one-on-one conversations with friends, I would say ‘waves’ of sensation in the body, but they’re not waves of sensation moving around the body so much as staying in one place and expanding, e.g.: starting in the top of the head and back of neck, expanding throughout my body from the one point.

  1. 1.rLung is the Tibetan word for ‘wind’ or ‘breath. Tibetan yogic practices give rise to some non-ordinary physical experiences, sometimes referred to as ‘subtle body’ sensations.