Evolving Ground foundations

Evolving Ground is a new community of contemporary Vajrayana practice.

Our foundational meditation is “opening awareness,” leading to spacious, congruent involvement in relationships and everyday life.

Hundreds of meditators interested in exploring Vajrayana practice and view have joined us since we launched in August 2020. We have daily online sits, meditation support, Vajrayana classes, study and reading groups, practice labs, Q&As, and community-run discussions. We have a thriving “Happy Yogis” Slack community and a 24/7 member-only online hangout space.

My friend and co-founder, Jared Janes and I hosted a series of online presentations with discussion, laying out the foundational principles of our approach at Evolving Ground.

Here are the seven videos from the series. There are links to transcripts below each video.

Evolving Ground 00: Sutra to Tantra. July 8th 2020. Transcript here.
Evolving Ground 01: method. August 24th 2020. Transcript here.
Evolving Ground 02: view. October 26th 2020. Transcript here.
Evolving Ground 03: confidence. January 14th 2021. Transcript here
Evolving Ground 04: principle and function. October 26th 2020. Transcript here
Evolving Ground 05: natural kindness. June 19th 2022. Transcript here
Evolving Ground 06: guru vs the learning relationship. June 17th 2023.