Natural Dzogchen short course

Sunday February 4th 2024

A close up of snow”
Free of concept, snow is pattern and light

Dzogchen, the Vajrayana path of “Great Completion,” developed over hundreds of years, and so encompasses a wide range of practices. In its earlier phase, unconstrained by monastic systematicity, Dzogchen yogis and yoginis wandered the natural landscape, finding inspiration for spontaneous awareness in their environment. Rocks, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, fire, wind, rain, snow, and the spacious skies of Tibet were invitations to experience vastness.

How is this relevant to busy, contemporary family life and work circumstances? What if you live in a noisy, chaotic city?

Dzogchen methods help you find stillness, aliveness, and clarity, whatever your environment. They can be as unexpected, extraordinary, and liberating in a shopping mall or a parking lot as they are in the mountains or looking to where the sea meets the sky. The flavor is different; the taste is the same.

This half-day course will introduce off-the-cushion practices for finding and maintaining awareness in your environment. I’ll cover some key principles and you will have a chance to practice methods, ask about your experience, and discuss your findings. I’ll place the practice instructions in a framework of theory and history so you can see how they relate to other meditations and paths.

The course will work best for you if you are at a computer screen or large monitor, rather than a small phone screen.

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11:00am ET: A view on Dzogchen

11:30am ET:

1:00 pm ET: Break

2:00 pm ET: More on view, history, and theory

2:30pm ET:

4:00pm ET: After hours hangout

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