Sutra to Tantra

Here’s the video of me and Jared Janes hosting the Sutra to Tantra group on the Stoa platform. There were over 100 participants, many more than we had envisaged. As you can see, I was quite nervous!

We use the terms shamatha and shi-ne. Shi-ne is the Tibetan translation of the Sanskrit shamatha, meaning “calm abiding”. There are a variety of silent meditations referred to by one or other of these names. Shamatha is normally used in the context of Theravadan staged paths. It is taught as a concentration method, focusing on the breath as object, leading to a state of equanimity, or dissolution of the sense of self. Shamatha, also called Shi-ne in Mahayana context, is also sometimes taught as focus on the breath as object in Tibetan traditions. In Vajrayana lineages, by contrast, shi-ne is taught as an expansive meditation leading to spacious awareness. Some Vajrayana versions do not use the breath for focus and do not separate an observing subject from an object as focus. I wrote a little more about that here.

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