Back from a long absence

A house in the mountains

At home in the mountains


I last wrote here six years ago. Recently I received several apparently unrelated requests to post here again, so I have been thinking about how and whether to do that.

In 2006 I left the security of permanent employment and home ownership. Since then I’ve been travelling, with only a case, a backpack and a laptop bag. In a back-of-envelope calculation, I realized I’ve stayed in well over 200 places over the last decade. I’ve always been lucky to have a roof over my head, though sometimes it’s been a near scrape.

My practices during that time, other than the Four Naljors silent sitting meditation (my daily ‘base’ practice), were martial and yogic practices of Dzogchen Long-dé in the tradition of Ling Gésar.  I made a couple of trips to Nepal, including spending some time in retreat there. I’m also a practitioner of chöd, yogic song, yidam and various other Buddhist Tantric methods. Continue reading “Back from a long absence”