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Kim Katami 2020-07-25

Hi Charlie! ()

Sure, can be difficult to shift from one-pointed focus to sustaining open attention/shi-ne. Another thing that folks, even teachers, stumble is to confuse natural state/rigpa with open attention or what is commonly meant with shi-ne. I stumbled on that one too at one point :)

Here’s a workshop of mine on these three which I call intention (one-pointed focus in three-dimensional space), attention (focus of 360 degrees in three-dimensional space) and awareness (zero-dimensional space):

All the best,

FIg 2020-12-06

Shi-ne sounds like what i learned as shamatha without an object from Tim Olmsted of Tergar, but I got confused by the distinction drawn between shamatha and shi-ne in the FAQ. If you are willing, can you clarify?

Rin’dzin Pamo 2020-12-06

Hi Fig,
I think you’re right, that section in the FAQ was quite confusing. I re-wrote it somewhat. I hope it’s more clear now.

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