Intentional degeneracy

an old postcard image of a Tibetan wandering yogi with a pointy hat

I’ve been holding off writing on Vajrayana Now recently. I plan a Great Migration to Django, where I built my personal site,

I am also preoccupied with Evolving Ground, our community of contemporary Vajrayana practice. More than a hundred yogis have joined the community. The Happy Yogis Slack is bustling with all sorts of interesting discussion about meditation, Vajrayana views, and methodology. Anyone can join.

There are three levels of additional involvement in Evolving Ground: apprenticeship, pupil and degenerate. Apprentice and pupil numbers are limited while we establish foundational procedures. We have capacity for unlimited degeneracy. To our delight, degenerates continue to join the community at a steady rate. Degenerates are lively practitioners with inquisitive cynicism and prudent optimism. They have a reading club, a film club and a private Slack channel for extra degeneracy.

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