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Br. Corey 2021-03-06

Mahamudra is a different path with same result, and I would contend avoids many spiritual egos along the way.

I don't know

Robert J Bullock 2021-03-16

I don’t know, I feel that at least studying and practicing with Mahayana traditions is a good idea for just about anyone, particularly those looking to engage with the Varjayana path. Of course, it’s not completely necessary, but I think we are generally much less morally aware, disciplined and honest than we typically believe we are. Mahayana study and practice tends to reveal our blind spots. I feel like Mahayana is about a lot more than just learning to be good boys and girls in any case.

Excellent post

J 2021-04-01

Excellent post - much appreciated for your hard work!

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