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Fede 2019-08-19

I think you would have gained a better understanding of TMI had you made frequent use of a teacher/guide. I am just a student, but there are some ways in which you misunderstand that both you and your readers would have benefited from clarification. Very interesting though.


Rin’dzin Pamo 2019-08-19

Thank you! What do you think I misunderstood?

Culadasa’s background in Tantric Buddhism

Don Salmon 2023-09-25

I don’t know what Fede has in mind, but as I recall (I’m not checking at the moment) Culadasa was quite clear he was drawing on his Tantric training, and my experience of TMI is that it has a very strong Tantric integration, as does Alan Wallace’s quite similar unfolding of the stages of Samata in “The Attention Revolution.”

Also, though I’m new to your pages, it sounds like there’s a strong physicalist perspective underlying the writing on TMI. I may be totally misreading it, but to the extent that’s there, it seems to me it’s going to affect all readings and practices (in Buddhism as well as any other contemplative practice).

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