Ask for a consultation


If you would like to set up a one-on-one session with me, send an email to

Tell me a little about your experience and what you are looking for from our meeting. If it sounds like we will be a good fit, I’ll reply with my schedule and some questions for you to answer to help get the most from your session, if you decide to proceed.

Frequency of contact is per individual and flexible. I meet with some clients regularly, once or twice a month. Others like to check in every now and then on an ad hoc basis. Some arrange daily sessions, when they are on retreat, for example.


I charge $120 per hour for an individual consultation and the same hourly rate for a small group of two or three people.

Evolving Ground members (pupils, solo practitioners, or apprentices) have a 25% discount, $90 per hour.

For every ten consultating sessions booked per month, I offer one at a greatly reduced rate. If finances are stretched and you would like to hear when I have a low-cost session available, let me know.