An invitation to meditation training

I’m running a meditation course, Spacious Presence, in May, for five consecutive Mondays, starting 3 May 9:30 a.m. PT || 5:30 p.m. GMT. It’s the fourth time this year I’ve run the course and the last time I will run it until next year. I have time to offer one class at a time and later this year I’ll be running sessions on Vajrayana history, view, and methodology for Evolving Ground supporters.

My Spacious Presence Course

Each session runs for roughly two hours. We meditate together for the first 10-15 minutes, and there’s an option to get to know each other before and after the classes.

The course strongly emphasizes practice methodology. We’ll spend the time exploring a range of support methods for opening awareness. As a participant you’ll have plenty of opportunity to raise what’s relevant in your meditation. The purpose is to build confidence to apply congruent solutions in different circumstances, increase autonomy in your approach to meditating, and move away from reliance on generalized, prescriptive instruction. It’s not suitable for beginners with no, or little meditation experience.

The format for each session

  • Introduction to this week
  • 10/15 minutes: silent sitting together
  • 20 minutes: I’ll introduce a topic
  • 30 mins: questions, and response on the topic
  • 30 mins: questions/issues from individual practice, group discussion and contribution
  • Run through some recommended resources/materials in relation to the topic


Week 1: Shi-ne meditation in Vajrayana context (how/where it fits, Dzogchen and Mahamudra versions)

Week 2: Language and methodology, meta-systematic view

Week 3: Support methods (visualization, sound, physical)

Week 4: Sitting with emotional turbulence

Week 5: Lhatong (I think this will be a useful session for you whether or not you are currently practicing lhatong)

Evolving Ground member discounts apply. The course will cost:

Previously I made the course available only to Evolving Ground supporters. I like to keep the group fairly small to encourage interesting, engaged discussion and there were always more people interested than I had spaces for. This upcoming course already had a waiting list of 8 people with an option for a first refusal, and those 8 spaces are taken. I expect remaining places to fill up quickly.

To apply, or to hear about meditation classes in future, fill out this form.

If you’re not sure whether the course will be a good fit for you, drop me a line in the Happy Yogis Slack DM, or email

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