What happened to July?


A few readers asked whether I finished posting my TMI journal? No – I have several draft pages ready to comment and illustrate before posting, and more to say about my continuing exploration of Culadasa’s system. I am posting the journal pages in retrospect,  as and when I get a moment to do so. The TMI journal posts on this site are not synchronous with the practice sessions they describe.

I decided to spend some time this month changing the look and feel of the site. I thought the old site design was looking naff: its wordpress.com theme was ten years out of date. So instead of writing more pages, I spent some time over the last couple of weeks subduing CSS and updating to a more recent theme.

I also met up with Michael Taft from Deconstructing Yourself and we chatted about the changing scene of American Dharma, Buddhist Tantra and True French croissants. We had some fun playing Pokemon Go until we were slaughtered by an armoured Mewtwo and the Berkeley campus turned into a Pokemon charnel ground. We later recorded an episode for the DY podcast, which will likely be published sometime in August. Michael asked me about my experience with TMI; I also talked about the engineering mindset and how it translates well to approaching Vajrayana practice.

Two generous people supported my Patreon. Thank you. It’s exciting seeing how Buddhism and Western culture continue to converge. I’m glad to contribute in a small way to that “evolving, nebulous scene” as someone put it recently. I’m stoked you felt moved to contribute too.

I also watched a doe and her young eat my succulent buds and resuscitated some roses in the garden. I hope you like the picture of them.

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